Few weeks ago, I was at the hospital because I woke up feeling some unusual sharp pain on my back as well as my chest.  I wondered what was responsible for it.  Hence, I decided to visit the doctor.  Need I remind you, being at the hospital is not really my thing.  I’m sure, it’s same for you.  Heading out to the hospital that particular day was indeed a struggle; I psyched myself to believe that, If I don’t see the doctor, I might die.  That fear was the driving force.  Of course, I didn’t want to die.

The doctor asked me to run series of tests to ascertain exactly what was wrong with my body.  Water is an important part of the human body.  One needs water to function.  The body cannot work without water.  The cells and organs depend on it to survive.  Who would have thought I was suffering from dehydration.  The doctor tried to explain to me, how insufficient the water I had in my system.  He reminded me that water serves as a lubricant and how it helps to regulate metabolism and the body temperature.  He said, just as car needs oil and gas to move, so does your body require water to run.  I looked lost and disappointed that I was never doing anything good to my body.

Apparently, my body was suffering from dehydration.  I could go two to three days without water so long as I have got packs of juice or soft drinks nearby.  The doctor reminded me that a human being should have at least three litres of water everyday as it is an essential element to good health and I realised how much water is being taken for granted and how many more people are hard on their bodies like I was.  This thought necessitated this piece.

In addition to the maintenance of the human body, water helps in the prevention of diseases.  I was reminded that water is one of God’s amazing  gifts to humans.  Water is usually colourless, tasteless and odourless and as much as it is important for the survival of humans, so it is to animals and plants.  Again, it aids digestion.  That means, for one to pee or poop, one must have fluid in his system and of course you can bet that water is the main deal as far as perspiration is concerned.          Even though, one’s body gets water from other fluids, water remains the best.

My visit to the doctor was totally educative and informative as I realised, my body becomes rejuvenated as a result of my frequent intake of water.  He said, dehydration can stop you from being as smart, fast and sharp as you would love to function.


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