Nigerian Child

Everyone desires and of course deserves a good life but the plight of a typical Nigerian Child is nothing to talk about.  The heart bleeds for them because of the neglect they suffer.  Children roam about the streets without the slightest knowledge of where their next meal would come from.  Isn’t this pathetic?   Education as it were, has been commercialised.  If education is nothing to boast about as majority of these children lack access to good and quality education, how then can they lead the nation in the future?

The needs of these kids seem endless.  I From lack of food, shelter, and clothing to proper education.  How then do they become the giant of Africa afterall as people can only offer their best when they are comfortable?  Of course, the cause is not far fetched as its boils down to our economic situation but should their future be compromised because of some elusive stability of the economy?  Why should they fall victims?

Pondering over these issues makes ones heart ache because Nigeria is blessed with a lot of human and natural resources enough to grant these young minds a comfortable life but it’s  a mirage.  A typical Nigerian child caters for himself and of course his family.  They are exposed to hawking, child labour, child abuse and early marriages and all those are violations of their right.  Some unfortunate kids get lured, kidnapped or killed because they lack protection.  Should these and many more vices be the face of Nigerian children at this stage of our development as a nation?

Over the years, people hoped for a stable economy but 52 years down the line, the hope of these children is still hanging.  Are you tempted to ask, for how long?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.  Hence, a lot of these young ones indulge in social ills capable of ruining their future just for survival.  Every child deserves love, attention, and protection.  They need to be guided and guarded too.

The insensitiveness on the part of the government must stop as they must provide laws to protect the rights of children.

These children need to laugh while they prepare to take over the world as Nigeria has what it takes to make it happen.

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