Care for the Lips

The lips are the most sensitive part of the body no doubt.  Hence, it requires adequate protection.  It is a known fact that most people are not aware of how to care for the lips.  While some, simply ignore it.

The lips require as much care as the rest of the body and even much more because of the role it plays on the human body.  Remember, they are also one of the first things people notice about an individual.  Now, no one wants to go out carrying an unhealthy looking, unattractive lips.

Well, we’ve got few tips on how to have those amazing, luscious lips you have always admired.

  • Always shop for lip balm or gloss that has no alcohol or acids.  That is because these ingredients only cause one’s lips to dry out.  Always go for natural balm.
  • Have your lips protected from sun burn, by using chap stick as such weathers could dry out your lips.
  • Select lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses that have extra moisturizers in them.  If your lips feel dry or caked when using a particular product, try a different brand.
  • Quit unhealthy habits such as biting on your lips and excessive sucking or licking.  As such stress could crack the lips and cause sores.
  • Finally, drink a lot of water.  Yes, water!  The need for it can never be over emphasized as it helps keep the lips hydrated.  When one’s lips stay hydrated, they appear full and plump.

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