Being Real

What does it mean to be ‘real’?  How do other people perceive us? What  does it take to remain real in the face of adversities because it is usually difficult for people to remain their usual selves when faced with pressure?

Most people believe that the road to authentic life begins with self examination and that is by being honest about our interests, fears, anger and even our shortcomings.

I am honest enough to admit this: I have always been puzzled by how others perceive me.

It is important to assess one self from time to time in order to truly discover who we really are.  Imagine that some people have accepted a highly edited version of us only to later discover our true identity.  Wouldn’t they dump us like we never existed?

Karen Igho won a staggering sum of $200,000 for being herself in the recently concluded Big Brother Africa 6.  She might not necessarily pass for anyone’s role model but she’s perfectly good at being herself.  She sold her true self to Africa and walked home with the star prize.  How simple, right?  But not as simple as you think because as easy as it might seemt, you never know what to expect from people.  Some people could find your person repulsive just as some would fall in love with you but it doesn’t change who you are, does it?  Why do you savour positive remarks but avoid criticisms?  How can you improve and be a better person without being sincere?  No one’s life consists only of strength, joy, happiness et al:  It is also about low moments, liabilities and complexities too.

At some point in my growing up days, I thought life was cool if I pleased everyone I came in contact with.  Sadly,  it didnt work that way.  I was all about being the good girl even when I was unfulfilled.  Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong in pleasing people, but not at the expense of your own happiness?  That’s totally uncool.

You strike a good balance when you are yourself and you allow people accept you for who you are.

What I realised is that it is okay to enjoy being everyone’s favourite girl but if you expect the same treatment  and discover that it is not forthcoming, or reciprocated, you feel betrayed.  How sad?

People challenge and even work hard to change the world’s opinion or ideas about them, without taking time to question their own beliefs and perception of themselves.  They often forget that greatness begins with accepting who you are.  Whatever the fears are, we must try to stay real.  Never allow your self-image to be determined by what others think of you.  Express yourself the best way you can and live happily.

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