Ageing, the dictionary tells us, is the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time.  In humans, it refers to a multi-dimensional process of physical, psychological and social changes.

Are you scared of getting old?  At what point does one start ageing?  Is it when you discover grey hair on your body?  Not quite.  Hell yes!  Most people are definitely afraid of ageing.  In fact, it is feared far more than death itself, because it is widely believed that it leads to loss of functions, poor health and slower mental abilities, but the fear itself makes you age quicker than you should.

Recently, I had a conversation with an older aunt who obviously sounds insecure about her age and this encouraged me to write this piece.  She says that she’s worried no one finds her attractive any longer.  This is one woman I grew up watching and admiring and all I could mutter was: “You will always be beautiful, just remain young in your heart” and she smiled.  First of all, for anyone to remain ageless, one must possess a good outlook towards life itself.  You should go out there to pursue your dreams and aspirations.  Positivity is the key.  Avoid pity parties at every given point.  The state of productive comfort zone is utterly important.  Again, one must maintain a good level of social lifestyle.  Eating healthy would do your body a whole lot of good too.  Nutrition depends on the food one consumes and it also determines the survival of the body system, from the cells, to the tissue and to the brain.  Anti-oxidants particularly play a huge role in delaying one’s ageing process because it contains nutrients.

If one surrounds himself or herself with good friends and family, reading good books, watching educative and entertaining television programmes and all that he or she will age gracefully.   An individual does himself a huge favour by being positive and staying young and ageless.

The importance of water can also not be over emphasised.  Hence, one deserves to start his day with a glass of water.  I feel guilty because I hardly adhere to it but it is necessary.  Everyone will eventually get old at their own time.  Oh yes….  There’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it, but you can make it worth your while.

For you to age gracefully, you must take care of your skin by using a good moisturizer; by avoiding smoking and, of course, by desisting from exposing your body, unnecessarily, to a lot of sun.

Ever heard the aphorism “age is nothing but a number?”  That is totally true but only if you take good care of yourself.  Instead of worrying, take out time to pamper your body.  Indulge in those things you consider “Not for my age.”  It could be hitting the gym or spa or making out a day to spend at the cinema.

You should never be afraid to try new things either.  There are always reasons why not to do something, instead focus on all the reasons why you should.  It might be daunting and scary in the beginning but I bet you’ll find fulfilment and utmost joy and happiness. It’s all in the mind.

Remember: no one is more deserving of good things like you do.  Hence, treat yourself good…….It’s your body, your mind and soul.  Embrace and love your ageing self.  It is about time.

Is that a smile on your face?  Yes, I’m excited you are ready to have fun again.  Indeed, there is nothing wrong in growing gracefully old.

Rock it!!


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