About Us

LE CLEZIO magazine is an offshoot of the French Club: CLUB LE CLEZIO which was inaugurated, 3rd October, 2009.  Club le Clezio is the initiative of a group of students in the advanced French class at the French Institute of Nigeria.  The French Institute is the arm of the French Embassy which promotes the French language and culture in Nigeria.  The aim of the club is to complement the efforts of the French Institute  in  promoting the language among the students of the Institute; create a meeting point for lovers of the French language and participate in cultural and recreational activities.

The Initiator and President, EUNICE OLAWUNMI KAZEEM who is very passionate about the French language, however, has a vision far  beyond these. She has a great vision for the French language in Nigeria.

The desire to reach out beyond students to the great people of Nigeria and to create awareness on the benefits of acquiring the French language as a second foreign language in Nigeria gave birth to LE CLEZIO MAGAZINE.  It is a bilingual magazine published in French and English.   The Magazine focuses on general   issues such as: cultural exchange (between Nigeria and other francophone countries), tourism, entertainment, fashion, sports, health, education, and other current news.



The magazine is named after the French writer and Nobel laureate in literature – JMG le Clezio.  The name is significant to the project.   Le Clezio, a Frenchman, lived in Nigeria early in his life and has experienced the two languages.   He is a child of the two worlds.




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